Vice President’s Message - Nov 2016

While Burger is laid up recuperating following his knee operation, I have been handed the huge responsibility of writing two consecutive President's messages and chairing two consecutive General Meetings; I doubt I can attain Burger's high standard, but one can only do one's best. Wishing you a quick recovery Burger.

"Wow, the power of Classic eNews". I echo Martyn's words and wholeheartedly agree. In recent times we have seen how effective this medium is at getting up-to-date info, the latest news and event reminders out to members, post haste. As a result of Classic eNews reminders, the committee was heartened by increased attendance at the recent Ride & Ruffit weekend and the October General Meeting. Well done Martyn for your initiative in setting up Classic eNews and keeping us all informed of the latest Club news and happenings.

I read not so long ago the horrendous motorcycle road toll figures for Victoria so far this year. As at 27 August the m/c road toll stood at 41. This represents 20% of the total road toll in Victoria. Victoria Police must be at their wits end at these terrible statistics. How to reverse the trend is a concern to us all. We have all witnessed foolish / dangerous motorcycle riding from the general motorcycling public and unfortunately the poor image resulting from dangerous behaviour reflects badly on us in the eyes of the non motorcycling public.

Let’s always ensure we continue to project a positive and responsible image to other road users whenever we ride, whether on Club events or when we ride solo or with mates. When a lot younger, I used to get an adrenalin rush from a ‘spirited’ ride; I got away without any mishap and on reflection I consider that was a lot of luck, even though I would like to attribute it to pure skill. For some time now my buzz at the end of a ride is to acknowledge to myself that today’s ride was without incident or moment, nothing scary, no close calls, just another comfortable / enjoyable ride to add to the list.

Some years ago I had the opportunity to lead a large group of members from another club, on an extended ride through the high country, and at the end of the first day I was very concerned that some in my charge wouldn't make it home at the end of the ride the way they were riding. This prompted me to address the situation with a stern lecture which I concluded "you don't have to ride fast to have fun!" That statement was impromptu from me, however I have stated it many times since and believe it to be very appropriate, especially when, like me, you may be a rider of mature years and just getting out there with mates is what’s important.

Enjoy your riding and always ride responsibly.

Ian Snadden
Vice President CMCCV.