Geelong First Sunday Run August 2017

A true winters day , cold temperature, wind blowing and a dark grey sky, not exactly good motorcycle weather.....

Five diehard riders or (fools) dragged out their machines for a ride, Noel Wills coming in from Leopold and Bill Carta from Torquay, a decent trip just to get to the start line. After a  brief discussion on a destination for the day , a journey through Inverleigh , Shelford and Meredith was soon agreed upon.

As 9.30 ticked by we all donned our helmets and headed off , from this point the rain started and got increasingly heavier all the way to Inverleigh where a quick roadside chat came to the unanimous decision to halt proceedings and retreat to the cafe`. Hot pies and drinks were quickly snapped up. It doesn`t take long to find out if the wet weather gear is doing it`s  job or not and for some of us it wasn`t.

During the course of the morning tea break the rain eased off, but as we reached for our helmets to ride on, down came the rain once again, ending any thought of a longer ride to Meredith, instead we all returned as we came straight home to a hot shower and the heater.

Although the ride was dramatically shortened, at least we got out there and had a bit of an adventure in trying conditions .

Thanks to all that made it happen, the ride not so good but the company excellent.

Riders, Ron Study Moto Guzzi California 1000 1983, Rod Dutton Kawasaki Z650 1979, Bill Carta B.M.W. R1100RS 1996,

Noel Wills Moto Guzzi Le Mans 850 1983, Steve Miller Triumph Tiger 650 1971.

                               1st Sunday in November is to Apollo Bay, weather permitting.