Geelong First Sunday Ride July 2017

Geelong Chapter Run Report - First Sunday of the Month 02/07/2017:

Who complains about winter weather? After respectful negotiation with the Great Rider, Sunday morning broke clear and sunny at 0*C.

The presence of frost as far as you could see across the paddocks hardly deterred ten hardy Geelong riders who set off towards the Surf Coast in fine spirits. Exhausts sounded crisp in the clear cold air as we travelled up through Ceres to Cochrane’s Road.

I was the lead rider and Steve Miller the veritable T E C. His experience soon proved invaluable as things went downhill a little bit after that! After the group flying down Cochrane’s road without a care in the world and with the intention of turning LEFT onto the old Princes Highway, Noel Miller was in a daydream enjoying himself so much that he completely didn’t see corner marshal Bill Stewart standing there with flashing blinkers and arm out and turned RIGHT instead - and headed off towards a dead end on his own.! Nothing really unusual here for Noel.

After Steve rounding Noel up, the next more major “stuff up” was probably caused by yours truly (helped by Rod Dutton) in that where the highway left lanes went more or less straight onto the Anglesea Road that we wanted, the right hand lanes of the Princes Highway carry on towards Colac. Didn’t place Rod as a corner marshal to indicate the exit to the LEFT veering off the freeway. Result half the crew veered RIGHT and headed off towards Colac.

Just as well Steve’s 1971 Triumph Tiger 650 can still achieve warp speed to help round up the sheep as I up front didn’t notice anything amiss and that half the group were missing until 30 minutes later near Moriac when we seemed to be running out of corner marshals awfully quickly? (Great bikes the old Thumpers – got one myself)!

Eventually Steve reappeared and said that people were dotted around but that he had told everybody to regroup in Lorne under their own steam. Good idea – because that is what happened after a lovely ride down the Great Ocean Road in glorious sunshine with a sparkling blue sea on the left. We all regrouped at the “ Arab” for a cup of necessary cup of coffee.

A ”post mortem” was held whilst everybody warmed up – with the lesson learned that when veering off on a motorway exit even if it seems like the natural “straight ahead” way, it is essential to post a corner marshal. This can often be difficult on motorways and where large multiple exit roundabouts are encountered, but it must be done. Safety must be considered as there is often not much of a verge to stop on - and with high speed traffic passing.

The rest of the day went without a hitch with a spirited ride up the Lorne/Deans Marsh road with all it’s sharp curves through the leafy forest and eventually to Cape Otway Road, Moriac Pub and back home via Gnarwarre and Ceres with excellent marshaling all the way!

A nice 150km ride all in all in beautiful weather and with great company and with more experience gained every time. Thank you to Steve for more onerous than usual T E C duties! Stan Rogers

Riders on the 1st Sunday Geelong Run:

Stan Rogers (leader) BMW R65 1981

Andy Symons Triumph Bonneville 2007

John Palmer BMW R80 1983

Bill Carta BMW R1100RS 1996

Noel Wills MotoGuzzi 850 1983

Bill Stewart Triumph Bonneville 1972

Steve Miller (T E C ) Triumph Tiger 650 1972

Aaron Symons Kawazaki ZX9 2003

Ron Study Harley Davidson Softail 1991

Rod Dutton Kawazaki GPX750 1986