3rd Sunday Geelong Shed Run 18/06/2017


Rod Dutton kindly put up his hand for this month`s shed run. Ten riders assembled for a run taking in some of the roads used on the previous T.A.R.T. run. From our start point Rod took us through the lights at Warn Ponds shopping centre along Pioneer Rd. to Torquay Rd. turning left into Reserve Rd. getting out of the Metro area and onto Horseshoe Bend Rd. where we passed through what will be a new housing estate.

Turning right again at Lower Mt. Duneed Rd. rising up to Mount Duneed Rd. proper, then taking a left and a right coming to the Anglesea Rd. at Fresh Water Creek which we followed in a southerly direction to Blackgate Rd. Which is a lovely tree lined road, as is the rest of the area from here on . From here it was a clockwise circle around Moriac to the Colac Highway for a short distance , turning left at Anderson`s Rd. up the Barrabool Hills through Ceres to Rod`s place in Highton.

It was amusing being tail end Charlie watching my neighbour Danny ride my Triumph with a right hand shift, not only did that confuse him but also the indicators as well being on the other side . The corner marking worked well and all riders made it safely to our stop, all bar Andy Symons who vanished at the last corner. It turned out that he had left the ride sheet sitting on a wheelie bin at the start point. Soon we were all together scoffing down the treats Rod`s wife Caz and sister Glenda had prepared. Snags in bread ,Pizza ,quiches, cakes and slices with hot and cold drinks to wash it down with. A perfect way to spend a Sunday morning, good company and good food to go with it. Well done Rod and Caz both on the road and at your home.


Rod Dutton Lead rider and Host, Kawasaki Z650 1979,

Andy Symons Triumph 2007,

Stan Rogers BMW R65 1981,

Peter Cook Honda 2007

Noel Wills Moto Guzzi 1988,

Nick Oakley BMW K100RS,

Grant Dutton Suzuki GR650 1988,

Mark Mensch BMW R100 1983,

Danny Barber Triumph 650 1971,

Steve Miller Norton 850 1974.