Geelong First Sunday Ride June 2017

The first ride in winter and a snappy 4 degrees, kept numbers down to just 6 dedicated riders; all be it cold ,fine sunny conditions awaited us. No set destination had been planned. So after a brief discussion, we decided a trip to the Otway`s was the go; with Forest the place to visit.......

As we made our way along Cape Otway Road the bright sunshine that we had started in became an increasingly thick damp fog, so much so that by the time we reached the Deans Marsh Road visibility was extremely poor. Pulling off to the roadside and checking conditions all around, we all agreed the conditions were unsafe to continue any further southwest to Forest, so we turned right and slowly rode into Winchelsea for an early morning break. Hot drinks, pies, sausage rolls and chips soon covered the table, much to our delight. Whilst downing morning tea and looking at the sky ,( still foggy ), we pondered our next move. As was the case at the start , the fog started to lift to bring sunshine thankfully, so we headed north to Shelford, then Teesdale, Lethbridge and across to the hilly roads of Maude. From Maude it`s a downhill run along Pringles Road to Anakie Road where we said goodbye  to Mark Mensch; the rest of us riding back to the ring road and taking the appropriate exits each home. Although the ride was not that well attended, ( I gather others in outlying areas had the fog ) and we had to alter the ride route, it still turned out a good one with good company.

Riders- Rod Dutton Kawasaki Z650 1979, Gavin Wright Yamaha FJ1200 1985, Noel Wills Moto Guzzi 850 1983, Mark Mensch BMW R100 1983, Peter Cook Honda 700 2007, Steve Miller Triumph 650 1971.