The club meets at 8pm on the third Wednesday of the month at Sturgess Hall, Chatfield Avenue, Balwyn (Deepdene), Melbourne. Melway ref: P46 A8
The club welcomes people who have an interest in classic motorcycles; those being motorcycles 25 years old or older. You may also  join the club without owning a classic bike.



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Western Run, Sunday 21 August

Here we are, the six of us, at the Laverton start (photo 1 shows Lal Lal Falls) and your scribe just volunteered to do the ride report and Rene puts a hand up to rearRidersWestnRun ride. Now we are going through Little River, these are the roads where they raced motorcycles in the 1950s. I’m on a Manx Norton leading the pack on this stretch. We are following many road signs ‘To Prisons’, maybe to visit relos? Must be getting close as those two hitchhikers in coloured clothing are obviously escapees. Or perhaps locals following the current fashion trend for gaol-themed garb.

1st Sunday Geelong/Ballarat Run 7 August

The Geelong crew decided it was time to catch up with our Ballarat cousins for a change as numbers have dropped off in recent times. It was a chilly but fine day with next to no wind as we headed to Ballarat, picking up Doug Aldham as we passed through Meredith. Good time was achieved with highway speeds maintained along the Midland Highway to our first stop at the Cruze Cafe`, where we were greeted by Burger and numbers to rival ours. It was obvious that Burger had been paying inducements to those in the Ballarat camp.

Midweek ride, 3 August 2016

Rain greeted me when I opened the front door to bring the paper in. Not encouraging. But I was keen to ride and a call to RegColinGraham start assured me that it wasn’t raining at the ride start area, so that was where I met the other optimists, 14 of us, a good number for a mid-winter ride.

Reg led us in dry conditions and patchy sunlight through Whittlesea to Kinglake West for morning tea. Towards the top of the hill it became colder and low cloud appeared among the trees but we happily piled into the Flying Tarts bakery for a good chat and warming drinks.

Redesdale Run Sunday 24 July 2016

When I heard the weather forecast on Saturday for the next day’s ride I decided the modern BMW with the heated grips was the way to go.RidersMiaMia This turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. More on this later.
After a coffee and chat, 9 riders left Calder Park in brilliant sunshine, but by the time we had reached Gisborne light rain was falling. It was getting cold too. Further on, almost to Woodend, my bike computer said the temperature was 2.5 degrees. Now, to my way of thinking that’s pretty bloody cold. Thank heavens for the heated grips I said to myself. Morning tea was at the Malmsbury bakery and here we were joined by President Burger with his electric start Vincent. (He can’t stop grinning).

Brass Monkey Rally 16-17 July

With Vicki following in the car I met Jack, Ian and Graham at the BP servo at Officer where we chatted and anticipated a weekend of riding South Gippsland in, hopefully, good weather. No R80 for me this weekend – out of action with a partially melted wiring loom – so Suzuki modern to the rescue. After settling in at the motel at Foster most of us met for dinner on Friday evening at the Foster pub, a convenient staggering distance from our accommodation. This was a good social start to the weekend as friends met again and stories were told: among them Rob Knight’s dramatic trip from Ballarat to Foster with his Bonneville stopping with mechanical problems at Melton. Rescued by Burger at Melton, Rob set off from home again on his Kawasaki H2 750, only to have it seize on him at speed on the South Gippsland Highway. Colin and Julie Sullivan happened along so Rob and Kwaka were lifted to Foster. On Sunday Jol took Rob and Kwaka back home to Ballarat. Bad luck mechanically for Rob but a good demonstration of club support. I hope you had a good weekend Rob despite a lack of wheels!